Business Intelligence Software by SYSCO


Case Overview

SYSCO is known as a large meals service company in america

Distribute food and related supplies to restaurants, universities,

Highly decentralized company numerous operating sections Company provides BI application in categories already Circumstance centers for the process relevant to a new DRONE software for the whole company, simply how much to buy, as well as the implementation with the new software


Case Objectives

Precisely what is BI software? What are the company benefits of BI software? What are the two alternatives for buying DRONE software for SYSCO? Exactly what some setup pitfalls of BI application at SYSCO? How will need to SYSCO evaluate the success of it is BI application implementation? Is definitely BI very likely to provide SYSCO with a competitive advantage? Continual competitive benefits? 3

Precisely what is BI Software program?

What is BI software?

Statistical analysis Info mining Ad hoc queries Other features

For what reason did SYSCO need/want it?

Make better utilization of available information Understand buyers better Feasible competitive benefit? 4

What is BI Software? (cont. )

What kind of companies reap the benefits of BI software program?

In general, huge and little Don't have to purchase everything Appropriate IT infrastructure is crucial, nevertheless


DRONE Alternatives by SYSCO

Buy minimum to address specific, current business needs? Purchase more than the minimum up front to take advantage of price discount rates? Which approach do you suggest?


Analysis of Alternatives

Advantages and disadvantages – buy every now

Save money by buying almost everything now Almost certainly will need quests in the long run The use could be much easier sooner than later on Business will not need to identified Timeframes unclear Higher risk as a result of operating companies' resistance and having to pay to get something not known and unneeded as of now Other activities????? 7

Evaluation of Alternatives (cont. )

Other benefits and drawbacks

Identification of two questions up front gives a clear organization case Dealing...


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