Joana Martinez

Elizabeth Saur

English 99

September twenty four, 2012

Response to ‘City out of Breath”

From the primary line by which author Ashton kutcher Chen commences his essay made me assume some sort of hike that they would be occurring or a objective of some sort. " Thus all night, all of us only walk in one course: up” Could it be that they are getting out somewhere? Could they be on a holiday? Further into the reading I actually realized that they are in the city of Hong Kong and and his daddy are being led through the city with a " tour guide” When Ken Chen begins to describe the city, he could be so descriptive that it makes me picture what he is seeing as he could be describing the town. In my own opinion, when ever I'm studying essays or perhaps novels, the one thing I like the most is when ever authors are descriptive. The real reason for that is when I'm reading, We begin to picture it inside my head and after that I understand the reading that much more. " This essay is definitely an attempt to explain a city that is itself currently a description—Hong Kong can be described as description of your time. ” This sentence inside the essay made me believe what Chen was looking to say. Coming from what I comprehended of the word was self-explanatory, because Hong Kong has so much to describe within just, trying to explain even more would be nearly impossible. The writing is the particular this composition. Chen activities various persons through his journey to Victoria Top and they almost all remain nameless throughout the essay. That was another thing inside the essay that caught my personal eye. It itself was what made myself think a lot. What do Chen seriously mean that Hk is " out of breath? ” Then I realized- both the composition and the area are continuously moving relating back to the phrase " out of breath. ” The article is constantly moving from one scenario to another and the town of Hong Kong is a fast paced city,


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