1 ) Introduction to the study of foods

2 . Plants companies animals

three or more. Food and Health

some. Food security

5. Food preparation terms and cooking terms

6. Identification of kitchen utensils

7. Fruit and veggies carving

almost eight. Flour and flour combination

----Chiffon wedding cake and carrot cake

9. Sugar and sugar oven

-----boiled topping

10. Fish and Seafood products

-----Stir fried squid

11. Meat

----Pan grilled beef

12. Poultry

-----Breaded chicken chicken lollipop,deboned,fillet chicken creamy soup 13. Egg

--- mayonnaise

13.. Vegetables

--- buttered Apples and Blended Vegetables

15. Fats and Oil

---White Roux

16. Salad and Salad Dress up

----Potato salad and White Cream marinade

17. Alimentary paste and Local Noodles

---cooking of noodles

18. Delicious chocolate mousse and clubhouse Sandwich


FOOD is usually anything people eat that gives nourishment. Food selection is dependent upon what is available in the area. Food choices are further refined by simply cultural thinking and faith based beliefs.


As significantly back 1 ) 75 million years ago, early humans had been regularly consuming animals and plants and were obviously sharing all of the food.

The discovery of fireplace 750, 500 years ago allowed man to cook his food so that it is more digestible. As early as 45, 000 years back, as proved by excavation, drying of meat and fish was practiced.

Changes in food preparation undoubtedly paralleled such progress. The foodstuff we eat today are the goods of many years of biocultural evaluation. A large number of early varities still endure in different areas of the world most have perished in the name of improvement. Food plans technique have evolved as time passes even as a large number of traditional food preparation methods have also become extinct.


A. Grains cerials --- rice, corn, whole wheat. sorghum, barley, rye/millet M. Pulses--- espresso beans, peas, lentils

C. Fruits

1 . Tropical---banana, pineapple, manga, papaya, avocado, breadfruit

installment payments on your Sub-Tropical--- citrus, olives

3. Deciduous Fruits---apple, grapes, pear

4. Rock fruits---peach, cherry, apricot

your five. Berries----strawberry, blueberries

D. Canteloup and Squashes---cantaloupe, watermelon, corn

E. Vegetables

1 . Leaf and stem---- cabbage, pechay, kangkong, member of the lettuce family, celery

2 . Root---- carrot, radish

several. Seeds—green peas, mongo, green beans

some. Fruits--- tomato, egg herb, cucumber

5. Flowers--- cauliflowers, banana bloom, squash floral, broccoli N. Tubers--- taters. sweet potaoes, cassava, yam

G. Nuts---- Cashew, cashew, peanut, technically is a legume walnut, pili nut pictachio H. Fungi--- mushrooms, taingang daga

J/ Oilseeds---- coconut, palm oil, soybeans, peanut, olive, sesame T. Seaweed--- agar, carrageenan, lato. Kulot


1 . Milk—cow, carabao, goat, sheep, buck, elephant

installment payments on your Meat and Entrails

Domesticated--- beef and veal, chicken, mutton, goat rabbit, dodg. Horse, video game, venison-deer, several. Poultry--- chicken breast, turkey geese, geese, poulet,

four. Eggs--- chicken, duck, turtle

5. Fish---(flesh, roe, liver) bangus, sardine, tune, mackerel, shark, carp, tilapis, catfish 6. Shellfish----

1 . Crustaceans--- crab, lobster, shrimps, prawns

2 . Molluscean---- oyster, clam scallop, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, snails


Foods are sources of chemicals called nutrition that rae responsible for the physiological jobs of meals to give strength, build and repair tissue and control body operations. The main number of nutrients will be water, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, nutritional supplements. V. MEALS SAFETY

1 . Definition The problem of meals sanitation and ultimately of food safety is not really confined to meals processing plant life and community eating places simply but consist of our very own homes and kitchen as well. To reduce or prevent the occurrence of food poisoning on infection, we must of aware of the characteristics of the different kinds of food...


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