Kudler Fine Foods Repeated Shopper Plan Review


October 12, 2011

Kimberly Ford

Kudler Fine Foods Recurrent Shopper Program Review

The Kudler Fine Foods Shoppers software will offer 3 different strategic programs to increase loyalty and gain profit from consumers. All three programs will require research and steps that starts off while using inventory supervisor (Kathy). Kathy along with three office managers ensure that research is done and information regarding profits, dollars sales and profits will be generated. This really is done by checking out the cashier's slipping daily and making sure the inventory about will also be checked daily. Inventory will be regarding products and what products must be used mostly for sales and what will be good pertaining to sales. Although the management team research to get sales and profits for customers, they will also need to generate a romantic relationship with the customers. They will do this by tracking user's purchases and behavior of customers that they will learn from over time. One more service that this program could have is to " show buyers how to prepare specialty foods”, Kudler Gourmet (2007). Costumers will want to take others along to this and this will bring even more customers in the store. Because of this action customers will be trained by professional chefs, community celebrities, and also other food authorities. By schooling these buyers, customers will need to come to participate in the get together and join in with the expert chefs, and celebrities. The results of this celebration will help to request a customer with increased friends and family to come merely so they can participate in this food show. As a result of time used the in store show, customers will take more time in the store which will increase total revenue per visit, and will also increase the regularity of trips to the store. This will likewise help the shop because this will help because other customers will listen to by recommendations about the show that Kudler Gourmet...


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