2 . miêu tả biểu đồ đường thẳng

| Grammar and vocabulary

Steering clear of repetition

You can receive a higher mark should your writing uses a range of buildings and vocabulary correctly rather than a limited amount. For example , the candidate who writes: The number of cases of X disease started by 50 more than 40 years ago and then proceeded to go up to 200 in 1970 after which went about 500 in 1980 after which went down to zero in 1990. will forfeit marks to be repetitive. You should therefore try out writing reviews using a wide selection of terms to explain the different movements in the charts and different buildings to vary the writing.

Explaining trends

Trends are adjustments or motions. These changes are normally indicated in number items, for example , population, development volumes or perhaps unemployment. You will find three fundamental trends: | |

Expressing activity: nouns and verbs

For every single trend there are a number of verbs and subjective to express the movement. We are able to use a action-word of alter, for example: Joblessness levels dropped

Or we can use a related noun, by way of example:

There was a fall in lack of employment levels

Direction| Verbs| Subjective

| Rose (to)

Increased (to)

Went up (to)

Climbed (to)

Boomed| A rise

An increase


An upwards


A boom (a dramatic rise)

| Chop down (to)

Rejected (to)

Reduced (to)

Dipped (to)

Decreased (to)

Went down (to)

Slipped (to)

Decreased (to)| A decrease

A decline

An autumn

A drop

A slump (a remarkable fall)

A reduction

| Levelled out (at)

Did not modify

Remained secure (at)

Continued to be steady (at)

Stayed constant (at)

Preserved the same level| A levelling out

No change

| Fluctuated (around)

Peaked (at)

Plateaued (at)

Stood by (we utilize this phrase to

focus on a particular point,

prior to we talk about the

motion, for example:

In the first 12 months, unemployment

was at … )| A fluctuation

Reached a

maximum (of)

Reached at

level of skill (at)

Explaining the movements: adjectives and adverbs

At times we need to give more...


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