MORALES, Erika Yvonne



" Her hands of white-colored jade by a window of snow

Are glimmering on the golden-fretted harp—

And to pull the quick eye of Chou Yu,

She variations a wrong note now and then. ”

- Li Tuan

Considering that the situation with the context from the Han and T'ang periods in China and tiawan, I anticipate for the musician to become in jeweled crowns with little jingling bells dangling from the sides. The musician might have on something like a court dress, which was the clothing worn during performance in sacrificial ceremonies. This garments would have attributes such as sq sleeves, sloping necklines, reddish colored clothes, crimson shoes and a cicada-like hat. She would wear cosmetic makeup products as ladies in these times wear makeup and even employ little-make up boxes that carried their very own mirror, rouge, and lipstick. The musician is great looking, her eyebrows well plucked and designed, complimenting her face as well as her cosmetic makeup products. Also, in the T'ang period, the female empress Wu Zhao was quite definitely influential therefore i expect intended for the artist to be very confident because women were empowered in this period. In the text, I do think that Chou Yu is actually a strong gentleman of authority. He is stringent. He stands up straight besides making minimal motion but is incredibly keen on the background music the artist plays. In respect to research, Zhou Yu, or perhaps Chou Yu, was a significant general throughout the Later Ryan period of the warlords Sunlight Ce and Sun Quan. He filled the post of Leader of the the courtroom and later started to be governor of Jiangxa. Having been aimed intended for development in China. He wanted an independent empire in southern China. As a female, I think that Chou Yu's strong individuality and authoritative stature makes him an extremely desirable person. Being with somebody who has so much electricity somehow allows you to feel that you, have much power. The musician coming in contact with every wrong note now and then to acquire Chou Yu's attention explains not only the characters themselves, but as well, it identifies well the dramatic circumstance...


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