Education is the greatest gift you may give to a person. This could be the key to offer the dreams of every student to aid their families and themselves. However, there are young ones who are deprived of the right to end up being educated and deprived to get part of successful citizens of the community; they can be called the " unfounded youths”. Currently, every community are faced with a lot of challenges one of these is definitely poverty, which can be the main reason in the increase in the proportion of unfounded youth in a community. That extremely influences the right of each youth to be educated in a formal institution. The Experts aims to find the total percentage of the misleading youth also to help offer solutions means reduce the range of uneducated children in a certain community. The researchers have to find out the reasons and factors that impact the percentage of uneducated youngsters in a specific community which may also impact the whole inhabitants of these youths. With this kind of problem, the researchers have to investigate selected data associated with illiteracy that could lead all of us in making a hypothesis and questions to end up being answered by respondents for us to come up with valid results. The Researchers will need this analysis to find out why there are unfounded youths. Can it be really impacting on the community? Perform barangay officials give answers or solutions about this problem? These are some of the queries needed to find out and to be investigated by the experts to accomplish their purpose on the feasible solutions they will may offer to solve the issues. The research will probably be held in a community where there certainly are a high percentage of unfounded youths. Particularly, in the Barangay Mauway in Mandaluyong Metropolis which is a low-end city and the most often called the spot of " informal settlers”. In the pavements of Isla, Blk. your five, 6, 7, Purok Dos and some elements of Sinag, you will find those...


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