I do believe everyone must have their own memorable experience in their life. Today, I want to talk about an unforgettable experience within my last institution holidays' holiday in Pangkor Laut Hotel.

During my last school getaways, I got a chance to stay presently there for several days and 2 nights. This hotel has secretly owned the island of Pangkor Laut and it is located in


We remaining our house by 8 o'clock in the morning. Following 3 several hours of quest, we have come to the Lumut jetty. The staffs were so friendly and ideal for helping all of us to carry the luggage in the ferry. After 30 minutes quest, we have reached the Pangkor Laut isle. It is so amazing and peaceful. The staffs in the hotel are always willing to help us if we need any information.

The rooms are located at the top of the hill. Very low nice perspective of the ocean. The areas are large for us unwind and sleep and have a big balcony. This island provides a white sandy beach, known as Emerald Bay. It is awarded as " One of the Planet's Top Ten Beaches”. Besides that, there are Asian and Traditional western restaurants for us to choose to get our daily meal. The sea food is so fresh and nice. Of course , the price is very costly too. There are many activities prepared by the staff, like jungle trekking, sportfishing and snorkelling.

We joined up with the jungle trekking group which is well guided by the skilled staff. All of us found a large number of species of plants and creatures in the amazing rain forest. Besides that, all of us also

sign up for for snorkeling. We saw many amazing corals and fishes within the sea. To summarize, this island is really a good way for us to wind down ourselves because of hustle and bustle of city life. I wish I could go to this kind of island again in the future because it has presented me a good experience.

That's all, thanks a lot.


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