When you consider culture, what do you think of? Beliefs? Ideals? Well I think of the particular a person who they are really, what specifies them as being a person. There are numerous different cultures in the world, some are similar yet others are completely different in every method, the list is never ending, nevertheless why? What makes there numerous cultures which exist? Culture is usually who you are being a person and is also based on identical beliefs in your way on the path to others. When you actually think it over it's a approach that links you to everybody in the whole universe on a personal level. Why are there so many cultures if we are all precisely the same? When you take a look at all the people that you see every day and actually consider all of the variations that you have with these people this makes you speculate how all of it happened. Just how did we all go coming from being the same people and thinking about anything the same way to being different and having our own view? People make an effort to be because different from everybody else as they can, It's like a never ending competition to be the the majority of different, but in the end we all end up as similar people, so, just how is it even possible that there are several differences but we are similar? I interviewed teachers, and located that most of these said comparable thing the moment answering the questions i had. It absolutely was like they each teamed up ahead of I evaluated them and went over what their particular answers to my inquiries were gonna be. This shows just how similar we all really are. When I was browsing the selection interviews I was disagreeing with all of the answers that they educators had written. We were holding saying things such as how they don't believe that they are hypocrites, and how they think they are previously mentioned students in every way. I believe that professors should be over students educationally but not socially. When I saw that every one of the professors were saying the same thing during all of the interviews I thought that they can weren't really being honest with me, and possibly were stating these things because they...


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